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enspire leather vs. bicast (bonded) leather

What is Bonded Leather?

Typically, bonded leather, aka composition leather, is a material that's made by taking waste leather from a variety of sources. Whether it is scraps from a fabricating shop that's making shoes or luggage orĀ  waste from a tannery. The material is ground to a fine particle size and then used as a filler with polymers to make a composition or bonded leather material. Bonded leather is a process where they would grind up leather into particles. Then figure a way to put the particles together. It's not leather, it's particles are held together in an inherently weak manner.

So you're saying that Inspire is bonded leather?

enspire actually is a type of composition leather. We actually utilize the fibrous nature of the waste itself. We only use what is called blue shavings. The blue shavings are not fully tanned leather. That allows us to recover the fibers of which hides and leather is made of. Our proprietary technology allows us to use those individual fibers as part of the structural element of the enspire Leather. So it provides a variety of attributes in terms of its physical characteristics and aesthetic properties almost identical to a leather hide!

Are there any tests that show our product is stronger than typical bonded leather?

Another element of our product beyond the composition, which is again, proprietary. This process differentiates us and expands the applications that we can use. We go through what we call the mechanical enhancing process. After we produce the enspire substrate in a raw form, our scientists have found a way to mechanically modify the material to adjust its flexibility, softness, and elongation. Our proprietary technology means we can combine our material in a variety of laminated structures that can give strength for any application for which it is desired to be used. This is another big departure from the weakness of bonded leather. Typically bonded leather has very low tear resistance, very low tensile strength. Generally, the physical properties of Bonded leather are severely limited. This has a huge impact on the range of applications where it can be used and the quality of products that are produced with it.

What is the cost difference between bonded leather and Inspire leather?

Bonded leather can be bought over as very range of cost. Some very low end bonded leather that might be used as a filler type of product, a spacer in industrial applications for instance, can be very low priced. Because it covers a broad range, we are competitive or even lower priced than high end bonded leather. We are well under normal (traditional) leather.

When you say traditional leather, would you say your cost versus traditional leather is half the cost?


And it's about the same as the high-end bonded leather?

In the range of. Can be less than some. You can also say that leather has a disadvantage of being in a hide that has a high percentage of defects. Our leather is provided in continuous webs that are defect free.

Will enspire look as good as real leather?


So you can have your product look as good as real leather for half the price using a sustainable resource?


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