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enspire leather is not bicast or bonded leather. It is extremely durable...just like leather. From overnight bags to luggage tags, from fabulous furniture to stylish shoes, enspire works exactly like leather does. At a fraction of the price!


enspire leather is soft to the touch, pliable and durable, scratch and moisture resistant...just like leather.

enspire leather can be customized into any color with multiple finish options...just like leather.

enspire leather can be embossed, screen printed, foil stamped, or blind embossed...just like leather.

enspire leather can be stitched and glued and is pliable enough to wrap any corner...just like leather.

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enspire is available in 13,500 sq. ft. rolls (1000 linear yds)
and can be stapled or stitched...just like leather.