Creating A Better Tomorrow With Sustainable Materials.

ABOUT Sustainable Composites, LLC.

With the evolution of our society, so too, have we evolved towards fashion and the consumption of consumer goods. Consumption of materials. Consumption of energy. Consumption of historic proportions.

With this constant and growing demand, we face a greater uncertainty for the environmental outlook of our planet. With this demand comes an increase in production, an increasing burden of transportation, and the storage in our landfills increasing our waste at a rate of 6 million tons every day.

But, what if we could reclaim the waste from our factories? Reclaim the waste that really isn’t waste at all.

Sustainable Composites is committed to reclaiming that waste and turning it into the very products and fashions consumers crave. Committed to transportation not to the landfill, but back to the factory, back through the process, so the demand for energy and the demand for new materials can slow.

Sustainable Composites provides manufacturers and retailers with environmentally friendly materials produced using environmentally concerned processing. Our scientists have discovered a new, environmentally conscious, sustainable composite we call enspire leather. Using waste from tanneries that would normally go to landfills, enspire, is an environmentally and economically smart alternative to traditional leather. enspire contains 100% pre-consumer recycled leather fiber, which has the potential to be used for any application in which leather is typically used. And delivers the exact same properties!